Monthly Archives: July 2014

SB ACA News – July 13, report from Duncan

Our SB ACA Intergroup met today and had a smooth meeting. Our meeting list is getting very polished, we’ll be adding the new Ventura ACA meeting to it, and it’s getting distributed around town so that more ACA’s can find ACA. Our website is up and running too.

After expenses, the workshop netted $198 much needed dollars for our SB-ACA intergroup!

And another SB ACA workshop is already in the planning! Some of you SB ACA “oldtimers” may remember the brilliant collage making activity at our first SB ACA Retreat on the Gaviota Coast in early 2013. This next workshop involves creating a collage style “SOUL CARD” of your very own! Very cool concept and there will be more info about it coming soon.

Perhaps other Intergroup members might add any more news that I’ve left out.. or get the report from your meeting’s Intergroup Representative!