Intergroup Literature Prices and Forms

Please note these guidelines regarding the purchase of ACA literature from the Santa Barbara ACA Intergroup. Thank you.

  • Paul S. is our Intergroup ACA Literature Sales Rep. 805-403-2990 or psansedo @ gmail .com
  • Discount savings are shared among ACA Intergroup, ACA meeting groups, and ACA members.
  • Only ACA groups may purchase literature from Intergroup. Members may purchase from groups or WSO.
  • ACA Groups please order even numbered units of items and submit an order form with payment.
  • Payment may be made via cash or TBD by Paul S.. ACA groups need not charge tax to members.
  • Additional items may be added to inventory upon group request. Groups may purchase direct from WSO.

Downloadable forms:

IG Literature Price List

ACA Literature Order Form – October 2017 (download spreadsheet)

IG Literature Pricing Detail

Pricing Notes: Pricing reflects ACA WSO suggestion of shared savings between Intergroup, ACA groups, and ACA members. WSO IG discount is 30%. Shipments originate from Illinois. Tax & freight cost approx 19% of the 30% discount. IG prices to groups are set to offer groups >50% of savings while rounding prices for ease of sales. Intergroup discount ACA literature is only available for sale to ACA groups. IG price to groups is all inclusive including tax & freight with no additional charges. Groups need not charge tax to members. The suggested group prices to members help groups cover costs of other literature given freely (Newcomer booklets, brochures, chips..) and other group expenses.

Proposed Pricing for local sales to ACA groups and members:
ACA Item IG Carton Prices IG Unit Prices Suggested Price
to ACA Groups to ACA Groups to ACA Members
Red Book (carton 20) $275.00 $14.50 $17.00
Daily Reader (carton 20) $180.00 $9.50 $10.00
Yellow Steps Wrkbk (carton 22) $200.00 $9.50 $12.00
Laundry List Wrkbk (carton 15) $160.00 $11.50 $14.00
Newcomer Booklet $1.50 Free
Tri-Fold Assortment (one each of 16) $2.50 Free
Newcomer Chip $0.50 Free