SB ACA Intergroup

What is Intergroup?

Intergroup is a service committee comprised of ACA members serving as chairperson, secretary, treasurer, literature purchasing agent, representative to the Western States Region of ACA, delegate and alternate delegate to the annual ACA WSO Annual Business Conference, and a group representative from each local meeting group to organize and facilitate business support functions for local meetings. The Intergroup is guided by the groups and members, serves the meeting groups, and does not govern.

The SB ACA Intergroup created and updates this website and our SB ACA information brochure and meeting list inserts. Intergroup helps start new meetings, provides literature, provides a weekly ACA information panel to Cottage Hospital 5 East Psyche Ward, created our monthly speaker meeting, occasional Saturday ACA workshops, and other events, and conducts outreach to help the community learn about ACA.

The SB-ACA Intergroup is currently conducting business via email and conference calling, and is in need of members to help with Intergroup projects to further our primary purpose of sharing the ACA recovery message.

SB ACA Intergroup meets…

SB ACA Intergroup meets the last Saturday of each month from 5:00-6:00pm bring-your-own picnic, at Alice Keck Park across Arellaga Street from Unity Church before the ACA speaker meeting. All members are welcome.

Help Wanted:

– ACA Chair and Secretary to assist in archiving IG business activities.

– Public Information: members needed to help conduct outreach, distribute basic info pamphlets with meeting lists to mental health providers and facilities, and to provide panels to share ACA recovery information and experience at facilities.

– Spanish speaking members to help start a Spanish speaking ACA meeting.

– Social Gathering Team to organize fun social events for members, families & friends.

– Lending Librarian needed to share ACA related books with local members.

SB ACA Literature Store

Paul S. is our IG ACA Literature Book Store manager. Meeting groups may contact Paul to purchase discounted ACA literature. Groups please see guidelines and information at the link below. Members may purchase ACA literature from ACA groups or WSO.

Intergroup Literature Prices and Forms

Group Donations to Intergroup

ACA WSO suggests that meeting groups donate 7th Tradition funds in excess of prudent reserve to local Intergroups and WSO. While WSO suggests a ratio of 60% to Intergroup and 40% to WSO, your group is free to donate as you choose. Our Intergroup is currently low on funds and so your group may opt to donate a larger portion to our Intergroup to help with local expenses. Group donations may be made to our SB ACA Intergroup Treasurer, Behzad.

2017 ACA WSO Annual Business Conference Report

The 2017 ACA WSO Annual Business Conference Report is available to members upon request.

Interim Guidelines and Procedures for Santa Barbara ACA Intergroup

Adopted March 9, 2014: pdf file

Members Only